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Mobile Devices

Technology is becoming more mobile to accomodate user needs and behaviour. As computing devices become more mobile the security risk increases. This is mostly due to users downloading and accessing confidential information with these devices.

Some examples of mobile devices are:

  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices
  • Windows Mobile Devices
  • MacBook
  • Laptops

General Mobile Device Guidance

All mobile devices have the ability to capture, store, and transmit all forms of electronic data including Restricted and Confidential information. Most modern smart phones and tablets also have the ability to automatically transmit that electronic data to sources outside of UW Medicine.

All UW Medicine workforce members that use these devices for work purposes need to understand the capabilities of their device as it relates to the transmitting of electronic data.

Did you know that:

  • The Facebook app will automatically transmit pictures to your facebook account
  • Dropbox is not encrypted
  • Wireless carriers can view your text messages, pictures, videos, and most anything on your phone

These are just a hand full of itmes that you may not have known about. Please make sure to research apps and how to use them prior to using them at UW Medicine.

Specific Mobile Device Guidance

In order to help you properly secure these devices, we have created guidance specific to the most popular mobile devices currently being used at UW Medicine.

Mobile Device Encryption

Encryption guidance for mobile devices can be found in our encryption guidance section here: Mobile Device Encryption Guidance

Mobile Device Support

If you can't find guidance for the mobile device that you use and would like help securing it, please contact IT Services - Security at