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System Security Standard  Find out the standard ways to secure a system at UW Medicine

New Data Stewardship Training  Know your Role and Responsibilities for Confidential Information

How to Encrypt Computing Devices and Electronic Data  How do I encrypt?

Information Security Policies  Home of the Information Security Policies

Departmental Training Materials  Training materials for use in departmental education

Self Service Vulnerability Assessement  Find your Vulnerabilities

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Secure Remote Access  UW Medicine Networks Team

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IT Services - Security

Guidance for your role at UW Medicine:

End Users

System Owners



Technical Guidance

If you need information on how to encrypt something, use email securely, secure your smart phone, or just need general guidance on informaiton security, go to our Technical Guidance section. You should be able to find the answers to all of your information security questions if it isn't listed underneath one of the roles above.

Information Security Service Offerings

ITS Security provides Security Guidance,Technical Security Services, and Security Training. We also develop and support the UW Medicine Information Security Policies

If you would like to have a Security Team member contact you to discuss your specific security need; contact the IT Service Help Desk at

Authoritative Contact Information

In some circumstances you may be contacted by members of the ITS Security or Help Desk teams. To ensure you are speaking with an authorized member of one of these teams keep this in mind:

  • No one should ever ask for your password by phone, in person, or electronically. If they do, report it to your supervisor.
  • If you have doubt that someone contacting you may not be acting on behalf of UW Medicine you should ask if you can contact them through one of the methods below.
    • ITS Help Desk phone: 206-543-7012
    • ITS Help Desk email:

Upcoming System Security Training

IT Services - Security has an upcoming system security training offering. You can find out more about it and register at the System Security Catalyst webpage located here: System Security Catalyst Site

If you don't know what system security training is or want to know more about it, please visit our System Security Training page.

Security Incident Response

To report a Security Incident, contact IT Services Help Desk at If this is an urgent matter, please call them at 206-543-7012. Please reserve calling for truly urgent matters.

ITS - Security Events

ITS-Security promotes information security around UW Medicine facilities through training, Q&A sessions, and other security awareness events.

If you would like to receive email notifications about upcoming events, please subscribe to our Security Events mailman list here: uwmed-security-events-annouce mailman list